Project Services

Providing High Quality Service

Snyder Civil Engineering, LLC is committed to offering all the professional services
necessary to meet your water supply, distribution, and storage system needs. We analyze
and formulate solutions to civil engineering problems and apply engineering principles that
provide sustainable, social, economic, and environmental benefits to the public while
adhering to the highest industry standards of the profession. In addition, we endeavor to
engineer projects on schedule and within budget while maintaining a strong customer focus
and furnishing high quality services.

Key Skills:

- Evaluations & Alternatives

- CAD Drawings/Drafting

- Surveys

- Design Plans/Specifications

- Contract Preparation

- Permit Preparation

- Project Meetings

- Construction Management

- Resident Project Engineering

- Inspection Services

- Engineering Calculations

- Budgeting

- Options with Projected Costs

- Record Drawings

- Bidding Assistance

Water Supply

Snyder Civil has experience assisting clients with permitting, design, and inspection of water system projects including tank
upgrades and treatment system changes. Snyder Civil works closely with system operations personnel on all projects to
ensure that proposed improvements are acceptable from an end user standpoint.

- Storage tanks
- Tank inspections  
- Pump stations
- Chemical injection
- Filtering
- Process and instrumentation
- Wells
- Reservoirs


Water Distribution

Snyder Civil has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your water main projects are done the right way. Whether it is an
extension, replacement, or relocation we have the experienced staff to serve you in the design, inspection and construction
management of your project. While water main projects seem simple on the surface, we understand the importance of a well
thought-out design and alignment to avoid unexpected field conditions and change orders which cause project delays and
cost overruns.

- Transmission and distribution
- Water main installation,
replacement, and rehabilitation
- Pressure reducing facilities
- Pressure and fire flow testing
- Meter vaults


Construction Administration

Snyder Civil has the experience and ingenuity to develop safe and effective solutions to problems as they arise on projects.
With a history of creative problem-solving catered to meet our clients’ needs, you can rest assured that your project will be
completed efficiently and thoroughly.

- Utility layout and design
     o Drainage
     o Grading
- Traffic management
- Permitting assistance
- Coherent and clear site plans


RPR Inspection

Our extensive and experienced Resident Project Representative (RPR) team is capable of handling complex problems on site
safely and efficiently. Snyder Civil representatives are OSHA certified and have years of experience dealing with the
unexpected to complete projects on time and within budget.

- Resident Project Engineering
- Surveying
- Cost estimation
- On-the-fly handling of complex
problems as they arise